Teacher’s ToolboxClassroom Grant Program

Be the Power of One recognizes the efforts and importance of teachers in the lives of students. We also understand that, with tight budgets, teachers often purchase supplies using their own funds. In response, we have set up the “Teacher’s Toolbox” program to assist teachers with specific projects that are not covered by school district budgets. For the first year of this program (2019/2020 school year), there is $4,000 in the program to be awarded to K-12 teachers in Eastern Madera County. Be the Power of One will award grants of up to $200 until funding is gone for projects that meet our requirements. It is our intent to increase funds each year so that we can expand the program.

Grant Rules

  • Grants will be awarded for specific projects in classrooms and/or field trips related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) or the arts.
  • Applicants must be a classroom teacher in any public K-12 school located in Eastern Madera County including Coarsegold Elementary, Mountain Home School, Oak Creek Intermediate, Oakhurst Elementary, North Fork Elementary, Raymond-Knowles Elementary, Rivergold Elementary, Wasuma Elementary, Minarets High School and Yosemite High School.
  • Funds must be spent on the items proposed in the original application.
  • Project must benefit all children in the classroom.

Funding will be considered for the following:

  • Supplies for specific projects in STEM or the arts, including performing arts, visual arts, literature/poetry, and music.
  • Field trip expenses specific to STEM or the arts.

Funding will not be considered for the following:
Funding to benefit single students or a group less than the entire classroom.
Teacher workshop or training fees.

Grant recipients will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity: Does the proposal clearly articulate specific, attainable and measurable goals for the project?
  • Relevance: Does the project fit our criteria for the project?
  • Scope: Does the proposed project encompass a diversity of skill-sets, worldviews and thoughts?
  • Impact: Is the proposed project or activity sustainable, and will it have broad and lasting educational benefits within the school or community?
  • Originality: Is the proposed project creative and novel? Does it suggest creativity on the part of the teacher and require it on the part of the students?
  • Completeness: Has the application been completed in its entirety?